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PXSI, Inc. arose from the success of Wizard Industries, Inc. / Wizard Distribution and other flourishing companies that experienced the benefit of an innovative marketing and product exposure tool. It all began in 1998 when a successful Internet based company began marketing a unique DIY product for consumers. The product, called the Little Wizard, experienced very quick market penetration with the use of the World Wide Web and some very interesting industry and consumer product awareness techniques.

The quick success of the Little Wizard facilitated the development and marketing triumph of several other unique products. Using the same marketing techniques, a number of other products quickly penetrated both retail and wholesale distribution channels.

Soon, a powerful and effective consumer-to-retailer referral vehicle was engineered. This innovative consumer powered tool called SampleRewards makes it possible for a customer with a specific interest in a particular product to bring awareness to the attention of retailers.

In one year, the SampleRewards representation and sales system enabled Wizard Industries to cheaply penetrate markets that would have otherwise taken hundreds of thousands of dollars and several years to break into.

With a unique, grass roots approach to marketing and an innovative Web site, consumers who visit learn about great new products and inventions that have not yet found major distribution channels. With printed information from the site, these consumers can make referrals to local retail stores in their area. When the retail store places its first order, the consumer is rewarded with a free sample of the product or products they referred.

Along with the powerful market penetration provided by the SampleRewards system, Wizard Industries also developed a unique and effective method of targeting mass retailers à la a highly focused and defined press campaign engineered for each new product introduced to the SampleRewards system. The targeted press campaign generates a plethora of product reviews and articles in newspapers, national magazines, and on TV, which PXSI, Inc. then uses to promote the product to both mass retailers and consumers.

Once a successful press and awareness program has been developed, PXSI, Inc. utilizes its established relationships with thousands of retailers across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe to distribute your products. With the PXSI, Inc., SampleRewards and Wizard Industries powerful marketing and distribution channels, your product can be positioned in the hands of virtually any amount of retailers and consumers.

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